I am an imperfect man that understands I need the Great I AM. I believe our best life comes through the acceptance of Jesus. And maturity is reached in what we do for others.

Faith Beliefs

  • God came down to Earth in the person of Jesus Christ.
  • Christ was crucified and rose again.
  • Holy Spirit was sent to lead, guide, comfort us as we go tell the world about Jesus.


  • The gifts of God have been given to us for the use of His work, inside and outside the walls of our houses of worship.
  • As I stir up the gifts that are within me I will answer this call.

Favorite Quotes

“Appreciate people while they can appreciate it” – Rick Hawkins

“Living a thankful life leaves a legacy” – Jerome

“As God has said, thou shall not covet. This includes the sinner’s life that we call our past” – Jerome