Falling away of the evangelicals

Rise of the Nones

He’s saved, He’s saved! I have heard it before and so have some of you. It’s an exclamation used when someone’s deeds do not line up with the gospel. Who can know if God’s word have fallen on good soil, except for our “love for one another” (John 13:35). An individual’s deeds stand on their […]


Foregoing righteous acts for the desire of righteous policies will not lead to a righteous life.

At times churches seem more lost than found. The nature of our ideals should be distinct and challenge worldly views because we that belong to the light bring good news. This good news is good because of Jesus. The gospels convincingly show a need for salvation that can only come by believing in Him. We […]

3 myths associated with giving

When lack of understanding can cost you

Our world system is one that forces us to coexist with the support of others. Communities rely on the consistency of norms, which includes the benevolent charity of its people. When they remain intact everybody benefits. During the 2017 hurricane season we saw what happens when those norms are violated. More importantly, in the aftermath […]

5 Reasons Christians EXperIence burnouT in church

Churches are filled with believers and unbelievers either seeking to connect, searching for answers, or looking for support. While many churches live out their Love, others greatly fail in this mission. And members and nonmembers often leave empty and wanting. Where is the Love? “In this is love, not that we have loved God but […]