Who knows the trials of war, but those who witness its horror and experience the burden of its consequences? The veracity of sights and sounds strike similar cords but illicit varying responses in each mind. The state of such is often lesser than the former. Lost in a cavern of darkness, which hides the light of life they are pierced by the shaft of time-an overlap of past and present in an uncomprehending mind.

Scripture reference:
21 Then David came to the two hundred men who had been too exhausted to follow him and who were left behind at the Besor Valley. They came out to meet David and the men with him. As David and his men approached, he asked them how they were. 22 But all the evil men and troublemakers among David’s followers said, “Because they did not go out with us, we will not share with them the plunder we recovered. However, each man may take his wife and children and go.” 23 David replied, “No, my brothers, you must not do that with what the Lord has given us. He has protected us and delivered into our hands the raiding party that came against us (1Sam 30:21-23).

The scales of our emphasis should favor the hand of God not our own.

The men who fought viewed their contributions to the battle as worthy of a greater reward in comparison to those that stayed behind. Like these men, we are not immune to this challenge. Especially, as we stand on the mountain of our efforts and look down on others. The scales of our emphasis should favor the hand of God not our own. David said, “For as is the share of him who goes down into the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the provisions and supplies; they shall share alike” (1Sam 30:24). He knew the true origin of their success and now we do also.

Think about our war fighters. Upon return from a deployment service members have more time to process and deal with the change that occurred as a result of their experience. They need our prayers and support, so they can enjoy the spoils of war. One of which is peace-peace of mind. Even so, “the peace that surpasses all understanding.” God’s word tells us, it “shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7).

Looking at the story solely from our own perspective would probably go something like-the men that stayed back did not even fight for their own family. Although, the truth of this statement would likely fall from the lips of most, it is incomplete. We must guard against self-interest [without understanding] by seeking God and the counsel of godly people.

Our military, whether currently serving or not, deserve honor. When you think about them or the word PTSD crosses your mind-consider their sacrifice. The cost that is laid at our feet can be fulfilled by honoring them with God’s love, which is demonstrated by action. God knows the consequences of war and the impact of every trial. Pray for our service men and women, so they can be led to the saving grace of our God and find that gift of peace that cannot be earned.

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