3 myths associated with giving

When lack of understanding can cost you

Our world system is one that forces us to coexist with the support of others. Communities rely on the consistency of norms, which includes the benevolent charity of its people. When they remain intact everybody benefits. During the 2017 hurricane season we saw what happens when those norms are violated. More importantly, in the aftermath […]


Who knows the trials of war, but those who witness its horror and experience the burden of its consequences? The veracity of sights and sounds strike similar cords but illicit varying responses in each mind. The state of such is often lesser than the former. Lost in a cavern of darkness, which hides the light […]

Don’t miss what you have left!

Holding onto former things is a familiar trap for most, if not all of us. That first step after the loss of a job, loved-one, home, and much more can seemingly be a huge leap. Consequently, when the situation turns for the better we can become callous to the needs of others. The lessons we […]

The lesson of life is LOVE

A godly man was promoted to second in command among his people. The ambition in his heart had left no room for contentment. He thought to himself, surely God will raise me to the highest position. This made it easier for him to bend the law, ever so slightly. After all, as he exclaimed, it […]

Are you a Christian or just a false advertiser?

The proof is in the fruit

Where there is an undeterred or emboldened willingness to sin, perhaps there is no knowledge of the sufferings of Jesus Christ, no belief in Him and therefore no regeneration. Everyone that calls out Lord, Lord-claiming to be a Christian is not. As followers of God we have been given the standard, called the Law, which […]